June 23, 2017

A sneak peek at The Service Design Report 2017

What do people hate about your industry? What do people hate about their bank, hospitals, restaurants or public transportation? The Enigma Lab is on a quest to answer these questions.

As Service Designers, we want to discover what are the pain points of specific industries. Our team of Service Design experts started collecting qualitative data on different industries.

The Service Design Report 2017

We already have some data to share with you about the upcoming Service Design Report. We are still in the research phase but we want to share with you a little preview of the most interesting results.

What are the pain points in hospitals?

Of course, people complain about the waiting time, the queues the most. But what is interesting here is that the second biggest customer pain is the “smell”. If you search on social networks for sentences like “What I hate the most about hospitals is…” then smells comes at the second place. It’s not the quality of care, it’s not the costs, it’s the smell. People feel that the smell is more painful than other pains that we usually see as more important.

We see in the results that the two bigger pain points count for a bit more than a third of all complaints. In a way, we can say that the priorities are pretty clear for this industry at this stage of our research.

What are the pain points about insurances?

The winning pain point is “adulting”. Young adults feel that it is hard to find information. They find it hard to understand how the system works. These young adults also don’t know how to take care of their insurances.

Here there is an opportunity for insurance. They can design the transition to adulthood. They can inform the young generation about the value of insurance and the processes.

The second pain point that comes out the most is the advertising. People seem to hate all the advertising that goes around insurances. At this point in our research, we can’t say if it is because of the quality of the ads or because they are too present.

Insurances are obscure and abstract for a lot of people. This is what we see in the third pain point “Price versus profit”. People are not happy about what they get for the price they pay.

The insurance industry hasn’t one big pain point to fix. The distribution of the pains is even. This contrasts with other industries like hospitals. Therefore, to improve the customer experience you have to fix many pain points.

Service Design opportunities

Why are we investing time in this research? To create good Service Design you need to know what people hate about your specific industry. If you solve some of the most painful points you can enhance the Customer Experience faster.

Furthermore, we see an opportunity here. We see that in the early data about the Service Design of hospitals. The second most motioned pain point isn’t a particularly innovative, cost intensive one. With this research, we inform Service creators about their next opportunity. We show them which are the low cost and high impact pain points that they should solve first.

We believe that intense qualitative research can inspire tiny solutions that generate a big impact.

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