March 10, 2012

The Best Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns


It is a fact that traditional advertising is declining. This industry is changing and needs to reinvent itself and embrace new forms of expression.

The book
Guerrilla Marketing 2 focuses on a new campaign type—guerrilla marketing—that goes far beyond a typical sales pitch. The goal is to have people experience something, interact with one another and be engaged.

Each campaign is described as a case study. Pictures say more than words and show astonishing results.


An amazing flashmob was organized for T-Mobile in the middle of London’s Liverpool Street station, where dancers performed a choreography that was created for the brand.

In another setting, reproductions of artworks from the National Gallery were displayed in the streets of London in order to encourage passers-by to visit the museum.

There is also the crazy idea to promote Oasis’ latest album: have street musicians perform their latest songs.

This book is a great inspiration and offers original ideas that are always customized to the product. Grab a copy of volume 2, since volume 1 is already out-of-print.

Guerrilla Advertising 2 : More unconventional brand communication, by Gavin Lucas. Laurence King Publishing Ltd, 2011. ISBN : 978-1-85669-747-7

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