March 1, 2016

The five key contributors to hosting a successful event

Miss Camping SA, events communication professional, offers a unique “tailored” event management concept, underpinned by an ideal synergy and symbiosis of three elements: scenography, technology and design. All are crucial to ensuring your event is an unforgettable experience. Sentiment lies at the heart of an event and should therefore be prioritised given that those who take part in it are the real determinants of its success.

By channelling a particular feeling, an event’s overreaching aim is to focus on two main objectives which are reflected in a myriad of ways. The first is achieved by involving clients or staff in a specific project, forming social and emotional bonds as a consequence. In the second case, emotions are fuelled by memorable occasions e.g. an event woven around a birthday, an inauguration ceremony or a product launch. As a result beautiful memories are created and the future begins to look brighter sparking a positive mood which is catching.

To make your event a successful, sensation-filled gathering, there are five essential points to keep in mind.

  1. Choosing a bold and original theme

A bold and original theme is essential to guaranteeing the uniqueness of an event – so do not be afraid to be exuberant or even over-the-top. In contrast to a logo or indeed a traditional marketing campaign, the success of an event lies exclusively in the moment it occurs. Guests must not find it tedious and it is unimportant whether the event is considered fashionable months or years later.

  1. Carefully choosing the venue

The venue for the event must be chosen with great care. The location, the initial impression and decorations are all vital components, sending a subliminal message to guests.

  1. Subtly making the event more dynamic

The décor is crucial, but bear in mind that it evokes a sensation that dissipates relatively early on. It is therefore of prime importance to set the scene for a series of high points and surprises occurring at regular intervals throughout the event in order to grab the audience’s attention and keep it fresh in their minds. Such fleeting moments are crucial to getting across the fundamental marketing message clearly and succinctly without overdoing it and putting a dampener on the mood.

  1. Making sure the event is part of the bigger picture

The event should be an integral part of something bigger meaning that the event organiser should incorporate it into a long-term marketing campaign within his or her organisation. This conceptual consistency means the right decisions are made as the event management process progresses e.g. staging.

  1. Adapting the event to its target audience

The event should be appropriate to its target audience or specific market. The message needs to be driven home in exactly the right way without having a negative impact on the guests’ enjoyment. Moreover, the time it takes to get to the venue, the welcome upon arrival, the treatment of guests throughout the event, the quality of the refreshments, the interaction among those invited, the atmosphere, the security considerations, etc. all deserve as much if not more attention as the project’s marketing aspects.

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