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GARDP is an NGO active in the field of research and development of new treatments for combating antibiotic-resistant diseases and infections. In collaboration with private, public, and non-profit partners, this organization aims to accelerate the development and access to these treatments. After 3 years of collaboration, the visual universe has now been deployed across all marketing & communication tools and platforms. The last block was the European website (headquarters).


New website: in the continuity of the rebranding strategy and the expression of the brand

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Enigma’s mission alongside GARDP

In order to help our client achieve its visibility goal, we developed a high-performance website, the result of the new brand’s visual universe created 3 years ago. For even more clarity and improved UX/UI, the content of the old site was completely rethought and the design used to highlight this content.

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The mission was able to be completed before the beginning of their strategic phase (2023-2025), allowing the NGO to launch its fundraising campaign in the best possible conditions and with a high-performance tool at its disposal.


The development of this website required major work in terms of restructuring the content, which necessarily resulted in the generation of a complex but flexible atomic design for managing and producing current and future content. While respecting the guidelines of the visual universe previously created for GARDP, we carried out custom work for a 100% customized site, adapted to the needs of the client. 

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To best meet expectations, we also integrated several features such as an interactive map, online activity reports, and a donation module. In addition, as the NGO frequently publishes news, we added a blog section collecting their articles, reports, and other publications, all connected with the Mailchimp CRM.

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We went even further by adding specific effects and tools, including parallax effects and a backend connected to the website previously developed for GARDP USA, thus simplifying content management for a cross-functional team.

GARDP website global 4
GARDP website global 2


A cutting-edge tool for the communication and fundraising campaign that the organization is preparing to launch in January 2023.

  • A high-performance, custom-made website. A visual universe expressed in its entirety.
  • A cutting-edge tool for the communication and fundraising campaign that the organization is preparing to launch in January 2023.
  • The backend provides a high level of flexibility, enabling a wide range of design possibilities.

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