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The Salvation Army’s brocki.ch contacted Enigma to develop a website which attracts clients and at the same time is easy to handle for store managers.


With 19 stores, the Salvation Army’s brocki.ch is a leading chain of second-hand shops in Switzerland. All earnings are used for various social projects. The mandate of the Salvation Army’s brocki.ch for Enigma was to create a website which inspires clients to visit the stores and which is easy to administer by store managers.

brocki EN 1



The heart of the website is a shop window that is inspired by the branding of the Salvation Army. It displays objects which are currently in the stores. The shop window is filled with pictures from Instagram and thus uniquely integrates this social media channel into the website. Store managers can keep the store’s page up to date with a simple Instagram photo shoot instead of using a specially developed interface.


When customers open the website, only the following two buttons are available: buy or give. This causes the client to make a simple choice between purchasing or donating goods. Website visitors are guided directly to the landing pages of the local stores.

brocki EN 2
brocki EN 3

Concept: shop window

The aim of the shop window is to inspire. It takes up the idea of a treasure hunt and rummaging, thus presenting an online experience similar to that which can be experienced in the brocki.ch stores.

brocki EN 4

Transversal branding

The website’s branding is consistent and thus transversal. The title font is the same typeface as that of the Salvation Army, which is used by the stores for all their signs and communication; the same design can also be found on posters and other offline elements. Likewise, the “shop window” principle adopts the Salvation Army branding.

brocki EN 5


The brocki.ch doesn’t only sell used material and practical objects, but is also a social institution that is committed to sustainability. Dedicated to the brocki.ch’s social mission is a manifesto page that displays both the project being supported as well as portraits of people associated with the brocki.ch.

brocki EN 6


The website is bilingual. A large part of the Swiss population is appealed to by using the two main languages, German and French.

Details: store locator and dynamic navigation

Enigma has worked out every detail ambitiously. An intelligent store locator brings visitors quickly to their local brocki.ch store, which they are allowed to set as favourites. Dynamic navigation on the page of every store helps to distinguish the corporate level of every local store. Therefore, the usability is increased while leveraging state of the art technology.

brocki EN 7

A barrier-free website

The brocki.ch characterizes social change and connects people. The site meets all the requirements of the WCAG 2AA certificate and makes its content accessible to a wider range of people with disabilities.

brocki EN 8

My brocki.ch

Finally, the brocki.ch is something personal and customers have their favourite stores. They can select their favourite stores on the landing page and the next time they visit the website, their favourite stores are displayed prominently.

Content creation and unambiguous identity

Integrating Instagram helps store managers to keep the website up to date with daily Instagram posts. The versatile content gets likes on Instagram and thus extends the total reach of the online presence of the brocki.ch. In addition, the content can be used in the Instagram style for traditional media (posters and newsletters) and gives a clear identity to the communication style of the brocki.ch.

brocki EN 9

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