Jewellery Design Competition

Logo of the contest

The communication agency Enigma was solicited by a luxury jeweller to create, promote and organise a special event.


Adler has asked Enigma to conceive and launch a jewellery design competition for young professionals who are entering the field.


Enigma created the branding of the jewellery design competition as well as the documents dealing with the contest such as booklets.


The impact was exceptional, since about 400 participants from over 50 countries took part in this event.

Poster of the competition
Booklet of the contest
Close-up on the booklet of the competition
Leaflet about the competition
Inside the leaflet
Overview of the leaflet
Typography used for the contest
Picture of the participants
Picture of some participants
Picture of the jury


Strategy Olivier Kennedy
Campaign Management Loriane Henrioud
Design Strategy Benoît Chevallier, Tony Cerovaz