Driving sales from wine lovers to passionate resellers


When two wine lovers meet, they will for sure talk about wine. They will focus on what makes this grape or this vintage so unique. And they can talk about their preferences and tasting for hours. How do we know? Well, we are those people! Wanting to know where this wine comes from, which parcels, how it was grown and even who took care of the vineyard. And there are thousands of stories to tell. All about LOVE from nature to table with friends.

So when Le CAVE was searching for a partner to start digital campaigns, our passion ultimately met theirs and we were delight to use our digital expertise to help le Club des Amateurs de Vins Exquis, to become best-in-class in digital as they were doing with wine.


We can easily define Le CAVE as a society of vine lovers that promotes with love wine culture & products. The club provides though more than 1500 references high quality wines at competitive prices. With their passion as central motivation Le CAVE hired Enigma to help them increase sales through their online shop. Bringing their favorite piece of culture into more people’s homes by integrating the internet as a real distribution channel.


Strategy in place: Display Banners, Search Campaigns & retargeting on social media.
NB: The implementation of digital actions took place during Covid crisis

At Enigma we know that success in sales doesn’t depend on physical meetings. Success comes from finding your audience & answering its questions & needs. So as the first digital campaigns were launched during COVID, we crafted some impactful banners to work on top of the funnel with display. We also had search campaigns to tackle the middle funnel for more qualified audience and finally put in place retargeting to drive even more sales.

Setup of the digital campaign



In just a few weeks, Enigma’s digital campaigns showed extremely good results with an average ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend) of 10.5.

To take it further, the next step could be to redesign the website to provide a better user experience.

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Strategy & Project Management Emilie Guido
Design Clément Diaz
Digital Advertising Thibaut Fuks