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Engaging Video to Strengthen Team Spirit and Brand Awareness


Bâloise, an insurance company, was faced with a major challenge. Initially, it had two offices in Geneva at different locations. However, the company wanted to bring its teams together in a single office, in order to strengthen synergies and team spirit. To achieve this, Bâloise launched an ambitious project centered around the creation of an engaging video, designed to promote its Geneva team through the merger of the two offices. The aim was to raise customer awareness of this new dynamic.


Bâloise’s main objective was to demonstrate team spirit and promote the union of the two agencies. They also wanted to raise the company’s profile and create awareness among their customers and prospects. The project aimed to convey a positive, engaging, and fun message to attract public attention and reinforce their brand image.


To achieve these objectives, Bâloise decided to produce a creative and captivating video. The teams of Bâloise and Enigma worked together to develop a script that would showcase the team and their teamwork, and highlight the benefits of the merger between the two agencies. The video was designed to be appealing, entertaining in order to capture the audience’s attention.


The video was a real success for Bâloise. It created awareness of the merger of the two agencies and raised the interest of customers and the general public. By highlighting team spirit and presenting an authentic image of the company, the video helped to strengthen the Bâloise brand.

In conclusion, by adopting a creative and engaging approach, Bâloise succeeded in transforming the challenge of uniting its Geneva offices into an opportunity to strengthen its team spirit and brand awareness. The video conveyed the desired message and had a positive impact on the company’s image.

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