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Video Production

Video is no longer the “future trend”

Did you know that by now video accounts for about 80% of all web traffic? Did you know that video promotion is 600% more effective than print and direct mail combined?

The success story of YouTube, the rise of TikTok, and live video services all point to one definitive truth.

Video production has become essential to communicate your brand story, explain your value proposition, and build relationships with customers and prospects.

Video Production

Creativity meets strategy

When more than one in two people watches online videos every day, your content just needs to be out there.

“Ambitions are not strategies”
– Enigma Credo

This means that a creative idea alone is not enough. Your video needs to fit your brand. With our years of experience, we support you in developing the right concept to help your brand win the hearts of your customers. Rumor has it we have an excellent in-house media production team. Truth is, we barely see them as they’re always out there shooting!

Video Production

Custom-made video production

Our team of strategists, designers, copywriters, and film directors will work on the realization of your video. We support you in creating exactly the right video for your brand – from the development of the concept, actor, and location scouting all the way to the editing of the final video. Whatever you may need, we’ll make it happen for you.

Video Production

Video production


Our inhouse team

At Enigma we have an excellent team of strategists, filmmakers and screenwriters who are more than happy to support your project.

We are very flexible

Our empathetic team adapts to your needs quickly and efficiently. We are available to you.

We are experts

Our mix between know-how in media production, advertising, and digital results in optimal performance.
Video Production

Video Production Services



A great video is above all a great concept. Powerful and effective it must serve a specific purpose while respecting your DNA. Our team of designers, copywriters and film directors create individual video concepts for you


To create a video, a lot of organization is needed. In the pre-production phase, we take care of everything from presenting detailed script and storyboard to location and actor scouting as well as creating detailed planning for the shooting.


During the climax of video production, we shoot the actual footage. It’s the shortest but most important and energy-consuming phase of video production.


Finally, the footage is being cut and edited to turn it into your video. There might even be a voice-over or subtitles if you’d like.
Video Prodcution

A dedicated team of experts

Creation of a video concept, shooting and editing of your video to achieve your communication goals
Video Production
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Video Production
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