Guerrilla marketing “Large recyclable items”

Commune de Vernier

Enigma Strategy & Branding’s inventiveness has been requested by the town of Vernier to address a public matter. What better way to raise awareness than guerrilla marketing?


The mayor of Vernier, a town near Geneva, asked Enigma for a strategy; the goal was to send a simple but important message to all residents: Don’t put large recyclable items  on the street on any given day. Check out the city’s garbage collection calendar, and dispose of these objects on the given date. This is to avoid accidents and other disturbances. The message had to be powerful and surprising; it had to reach all neighborhoods–from downtown to the Avanchets projects–and speak to all residents–from children to seniors to shop owners.


ENIGMA used guerrilla marketing based on the slogan “They picked the wrong date again!” On 6 June 2013, Vernier’s residents saw Santa Claus riding their streets in his carriage… In the middle of summer! Around the same time, Easter bunnies were invading schools and handing out candy to children. In other locations, children in Halloween costumes and make-up were trick-or-treating. The whole operation took place with the assistance of the police, teachers, and parents. These unexpected appearances were welcomed with smiles: with the candy came a flyer explaining why it is important to know the correct collection date for large recyclable items. The wrong date is as ridiculous as Santa Claus or Easter bunny in the summer heat!


Vernier residents were enthusiastic; let’s hope that the message was heard loud and clear thanks to the surprise guests!

Guerrilla marketing Santa Claus in summer
Guerrilla marketing Easter Bunnies
Guerrilla marketing Easter Bunnies with kids
Guerrilla marketing Santa Claus in summer with kids
Guerrilla marketing Santa Claus in summer in Vernier
Guerrilla marketing Easter bunnies in Vernier
Guerrilla marketing Santa Claus giving candies
Guerrilla marketing kids treat or tricking
Guerrilla marketing kids handing out flyers
Guerrilla marketing people gathering
Guerrilla marketing flyer


Strategy Olivier Kennedy
Campaign Management Laurène Weguener
Development Olivier Meylan