Instant search feature on a website




Overview of the website on a desktop

Enigma Strategy & Branding has come up with an original idea to display a garage’s products: instant search.


Atra Automobiles wanted to display online its new line of new and used cars in an attractive way.


ENIGMA redesigned and simplified the website so that the funnel leading to the conversion goal is clearer, and used instant search to ease searches.


No need to fill out a search form, since all cars are now listed on the website. Cars are displayed according to filters, such as maximum price or favorite make.

Close up on tires
Close up on gas tank
close up on a car headlight
Display of the contact page with portraits
Display of the website on tablet
Display of the website with instant search feature on tablet


Strategy Olivier Kennedy
Campaign Management Loriane Henrioud
Design Strategy Benoît Chevallier, Tony Cerovaz
Development Luigi Iannitelli