Management culture digital handbook

isolutions AG

Thanks to a digital handbook, the top leaders of the IT company isolutions can now access their evolving management principles from anywhere.


isolutions is the Swiss leader for digital transformation using Microsoft products. This company of over 100 employees asked Enigma to create a handbook that shares its management principles to its top leaders.


Instead of relying on a classically printed handbook that would stay frozen in time, the Enigma team searched for ways to create a management culture handbook that evolves over time.


Making it digital

The handbook was created as a digital hub. By making the handbook in digital and web format, it can be accessed from anywhere. More importantly, this handbook can also be updated every month as the company evolves alongside its culture.


An owned handbook

Staff from the company were trained on how to update the digital handbook so that it can be updated much faster within the company without needing external support.


From overview to deepdive

In this digital hub, top leaders of the company can get a quick overview of the management principles that are the DNA of the company. Each principle is summarized in a short graphical form.

For leaders who want to go deeper, further references (ebooks, videos and documents) are linked so that leaders can deep dive into a particular topic where they need further development.


This digital management culture handbook helped create a common ground for the management team at isolutions. 


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