A Media Campaign against the Inheritance Tax


Enigma revisited the issue of taxation by eliciting emotions from the French-speaking Swiss public.


To coral the largest number of voters in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, using emotions as a communication tool to discuss taxation.


In order to reach the largest number of people, we created a media campaign using multiple means: a film, various billboards, posters in public transportation, and advertisement in print media.

The film had a humorous tone, representing the State as a magician that could make coins disappear or shrink. The various posters focused on the emotion elicited by the issues of legacy and inheritance.


Given the results of the national vote on 14 June 2015, our media campaign against the inheritance tax was successful: 71 percent of the people rejected it.

Display of the poster amongst other campaigns
Display of the poster amongst other campaigns
Poster at the back of a bus
Poster on the side of a tramway
Display of the poster
Display of the poster
Advertising insert in a newspaper
Flyer from the media campaign
Overview of the Youtube Video
Overview of the impact of the media campaign on Facebook
Overview of the video content
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