Online Strategy for a second-hand retailer

Salvation Army

Enigma developed an online strategy for the Salvation Army


The Salvation Army is one of Switzerland’s second-hand retailers. It engaged Enigma to support the creation of their online strategy with the purpose of improving their marketing structure. Classic channels were to be increasingly replaced or optimized by adding online marketing measures.


A complementary strategy

Enigma developed an online marketing strategy for, which easily explains the media mix. Online marketing was not planned as an independent element. Enigma established an online marketing strategy that takes into account the existing offline marketing strategy. This way, the team can see at a glance what possible measures are available. The strategy is structured in a subject-based measure framework. The team can choose a goal they want to achieve and it is translated into useful offline and online measures.

Emergency measures

Enigma’s strategists also created a cooperation process consisting of scenarios that can trigger a constellation of measures within a short time in the event of lack of customers.

Salvation Army online strategy emergency measures

Content calendar

In cooperation with, Enigma created a content calendar, which is used to edit the annual content by priorities and for the appropriate media. The tool exists both offline and online. It therefore allows for easy cooperation.

Salvation Army online strategy content calendar

Strategy Design

To make the strategy attractive and entertaining in some way, Enigma converted the design into the style and created fancy pictures with a statement instead of a multi-page report. Therefore, the strategy is not perceived as a report, but rather as a picture, which is much easier to understand.

Salvation Army online strategy design


The strategy has been consistently implemented by the staff. All measures are based on it and the tools are in use. All in all, they serve as a fruitful collaboration between the marketing and Enigma.

Salvation Army online strategy frame
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