Poster campaign for a museum

nest, Vevey

For the new Nestlé museum in Vevey, Enigma has developed a poster campaign in the swiss romandie to announce the nest museum opening.

2.affiches F4 insitu Nest 16 08 29 v2.jpg
affiches F12 insitu Nest 16 08 29


affiche Nest mockup1 16 08 29
affiche Nest mockup1 16 08 29
affiche Nest mockup2 16 08 29


Enigma created a concept around the visitor experience and is reflecting it through silhouettes. People of all ages are allowed not to include this visit in a specific time and space to show that time reveals the essential.

CS nest photo combination 1 boys
CS nest photo combination 2 grandfather
CS nest photo combination 4 gdma
CS nest photo combination 3 woman
shoot process Nest 16 08 29
affiches F4 process Nest 16 08 29
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