Revolutionizing Dental Care: The Ardentis Experience Center Sets a New Standard


Ardentis Cliniques Dentaires & d’Orthodontie opened their new esthetic center: the Ardentis Experience Center (AEC). After a first fruitful collaboration, Ardentis contacted our agency again to create videos to be broadcasted on the screens of their center.

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The AEC is the Ardentis Group’s new experience center for dental and aesthetic care.  It is designed to be welcoming and more informal than traditional dental clinics. Our mission was to create videos that would help the AEC better connect with their potential patients by conveying their message in an accessible and engaging way. The videos will be shown on screens throughout the Experience Center. 

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We proposed creating three videos focused on the topics brand, community, and smile. We worked closely with the AEC team to understand their vision and goals for the videos.

We developed scripts and storyboards for each of the videos, focusing on the most important aspects of each topic. The brand video, highlights Ardentis’ values, expertise, and commitment to its patients. For the community video, we highlighted the community spirit between patients and practitioners that AEC wants to strengthen. The smile video shows how the AEC can help patients regain their confidence through quality dental care.

Together with the AEC the best locations to film the videos were selected, with the goal of showing the various Ardentis spaces and Experience Center facilities. The high quality equipment allowed us to capture clear images and vibrant colors.


The opening of the Ardentis Experience Center (AEC) was a real turning point for the field of dentistry. Indeed, Ardentis, being the first dental clinic to open such an experiential center, showed its innovative character and its will to stand out from traditional dental clinics. 

With the AEC, patients now have the opportunity to receive dental care information in a less intimidating and more friendly environment. The videos created for the Ardentis Experience Center have also helped reinforce this innovative image and have allowed the AEC to better communicate with potential patients by delivering their message in an accessible and engaging way. The AEC’s strategy has paid off, as it has allowed the clinic to significantly differentiate itself from the competition and reinforce its position as a leader in the dental market.

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