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We’ve entered the age of post-truth. People trust friends and relatives more than journalists, companies or elected officials. And ethical behavior about transparency is becoming more and more important in the eyes of the consumers.

This dispersion of authority goes further. A person like yourself is now far more credible than a CEO and government official.

The perfect response to this context, influencer marketing is disrupting the world of advertising. People are looking for recommendations by influencers on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, or YouTube. And the trust in their favorite influencers is strong. This is how an interchangeable product becomes outstanding in the eyes of consumers.

Other stats are equally baffling In Switzerland 65% of people follow influencers. And When we talk about teenagers this number rises to 95%.

Finding the right influencer

Collaborations with influencers are often handled by a company’s public relations department and there is no success guarantee. As a marketing and communications agency we at Enigma have a different approach.

We identify the right influencers for our clients and we take care of everything. We commit to find a number of influencers who will talk about your product and we guarantee a number of views and interactions.

Our innovative approach follows these steps:

  • Content creator curation – Reach out to content creators and create high-quality content through influencer tactics and content strategy
  • Brief endorsement – Highly detailed brief with content guidance
  • Instant messenger & partner relationship management – Ensure smooth communication and high response rates
  • Content creator onboarding- Signing of an agreement to lower the risk of drop outs
  • Reporting & recommendations – We provide performance tracking and strategic advice based on data insights to enhance future campaigns

Influencer events & reach-out

With the power of automation and AI, we can easily reach out to a large number of influencers. We pick those relevant to your field and geographic area. Using your quality assets, they’ll be able to create unique, compelling content. And add value and desire to your brand.

Our experience shows the best way to get results is to gather a number of influencers in an event. There, they can create authentic and compelling content that stays true to their unique voice and story. This will result in a temporary trend that helps your message stand out.

What makes us different

  • We analyze

    At Enigma we strongly believe that data beats opinion. We’ll analyze your needs to find the influencers that fit.

  • We work with the best partner

    For years now Enigma has been working in influencer marketing together with a trusted partner. As a team we ensure your influencer campaign will be a success.

  • 360° agency

    At Enigma we’ll not only find the right influencers for you. We also have our own strategists, video producers, designers and digital advertising specialists. Whatever kind of support you may need, we’ve got you covered!

Let us help you reach your full potential

With an influencer marketing campaign tailored to the interests and ideas of your organization.