More Than Just Delivery: Domino’s Comprehensive Campaign to Capture Attention and Increase Sales


Discover how Enigma leveraged innovative Out-of-Home (OOH) and Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising strategies to elevate Domino’s market presence in Switzerland, achieving significant viewer engagement and driving sales during key promotional periods.

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In the fiercely competitive pizza delivery service market, Domino’s aimed to not only differentiate itself, but also boost pizza orders by 15-20% during the campaign period. The challenge was twofold: elevate brand awareness and convert that awareness into substantial increases in customer orders.


Led by Antonia Sturzeis, our team orchestrated two targeted campaigns, each meticulously planned to maximize reach and impact. The first campaign,  utilized custom-created visuals provided by the client, to craft engaging OOH and DOOH assets. These were strategically placed across Switzerland in key urban areas and Domino’s delivery zones, including high-traffic locales like train stations, over a concentrated two-week period. A QR code feature was introduced in the OOH assets, enhancing trackability and simplifying the ordering process for potential customers. The DOOH phase of this campaign was meticulously planned to be top of mind during lunch and dinner time.

Campaign 1

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The second campaign, which lasted roughly a month, built on the insights from the initial phase, with a sharper focus on urban centers like Zurich and Geneva—regions known for their dense digital display networks and significant pedestrian footfall. This phase of advertising was finely tuned to peak dining interest, particularly focusing on dinner hours from 5 PM to 9 PM, to optimize viewer engagement and potential conversions.

Campaign 2

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The first campaign aided in a notable 5-6% increase in overall sales, affirming the strategic placement and timing of our advertisements. The incorporation of a QR code significantly enhanced customer engagement, evidenced by impressive session durations and a low bounce rate. Notably, the DOOH assets for the first campaign were displayed on 296 screens across 192 locations, showcasing the ads over 200,000 times. This extensive reach was achieved with a carefully managed budget of CHF 22K, optimizing our expenditure for maximum visibility and impact. Although 2.8 million impressions were garnered by the second campaign with a budget of CHF 55K, it did not directly translate into an increase in sales, highlighting areas for future optimization and strategic refinement.

Despite the mixed results in sales growth, the feedback from Domino’s was overwhelmingly positive, commending the campaigns for their innovative approach and effective delivery. The campaigns not only strengthened Domino’s brand visibility across Switzerland, but also set the stage for future marketing endeavors aimed at transforming brand awareness into actual sales.

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