September 3, 2017

User Research: A/B testing can improve your campaigns by 500%

A/B testing is a powerful method for optimizing a marketing campaign. How far can such optimizations go when there is a strong strategy behind? Here we share a few examples of what we were able to achieve with A/B testing in the last few month.

Before we jump into the numbers, here an article that describes how A/B testing works and what it really is – in case A/B testing is something new for you.

Get 500% more participants in a contest

Contests are a great way to generate awareness for your brand. They also help to collect email addresses for further newsletter campaigns. When you run such contests your goal is to obtain as many participants as possible at the lowest costs possible. But how can you do that? By constantly optimizing your contest web page through A/B testing.

In a contest campaign that we ran for the Swiss Chocolate Ragusa, we were able to raise the participation rate by 500% by using 5 rounds of AB testing on the registration page.

we can confidently say that this was the design most preferred by visitors
we used 5 rounds of A/B testing

Get 14% longer video views

When you run video ads you want people to look at the whole video. By creating variations of a video clip you can find out which clip drives more interest in the viewer’s mind.

optimize every aspect
even videos can be tested

The CVP political party commissioned Enigma to create a call-to-action video. This video was for the vote on the abolition of the marriage penalty in Switzerland. Through A/B testing we were able to improve the video view length by 14%.

A three times lower click cost

When you run a digital advertising campaign you do not only want to get people to visit your website. You also want to lower the cost of the clicks on your ads. With a good strategy and optimization you can get more clicks on your ads for the same amount of money, or in other words you can get more visits for the exact same media space.
In a project for a political campaign, the Enigma team was able to lower the click costs from 0.23 CHF to 0.07 CHF per click. This means that with our A/B testing strategy we were able to lower the click costs by 3x.
According to a study by Wordstream the average cost per click (CPC) for Facebook ads across all industries is $1.72. This means that with good A/B testing we were able to have a click cost 20x cheaper than the benchmark.

All these numbers show one thing clearly: a good A/B testing strategy can reduce the cost of your marketing campaigns or give you more impact for the same money.

Optimize your campaign today

You can optimize every campaign with A/B testing. When the improvements go up to 500% then we see that A/B testing is a must have. And this for every marketing campaign, both online and offline.

I want to thank Patrizia Lamprecht for her help in this article. With her experience in A/B testing, she was a great support.

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