November 10, 2016

Banner Blindness or Why Your Eyes Avoid Advertisement

Did you know ? People usually do not like to watch your ads. Besides, do you personally like watching them? Do you like TV advertising to the point that you zap from an advertising break to another continuously?

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Banner Blindness
Banner advertising

The ads are the opportunity to go for a toilet break, to get drinks, to avoid everything that the eye can avoid. Do you think that it is not also the case for newspapers?
Of course, surprisingly there are only very few studies using the principle of oculometer on newspapers, and they are always used as a comparison between the screen and the newspaper regarding the user’s attention. They do not address the real matter of the subject: as to know, do people watch the ads in a newspaper? But would the result be any different than TV?

So the price per thousand corresponds to the thousand attempts and not to the thousand views.

And what about public place display? It is still the most efficient way but effective areas have changed. Many signs are placed in locations that we can not avoid looking at: near stairs or on the road for example. But the most expensive places have always been the highly trafficked locations such as train stations or airports. While many people transit by these places, their attention is quite limited. In fact what do you do while you are waiting for your train ? You read your recent mails on your smartphone… And you are not the only one. The price is no longer adapted to the situation. We still buy the reach (the number of people in transit)!

To determine a display plan efficiency, we should couple it with a usage plan with data by mobile and use this data as control points.This is the kind of thing that we develop in our Lab. And this is one way to elaborate the most effective media plans.
But the real strength hide somewhere else. Instead of searching to print, we must fascinate. In order to do this, we should develop a Superhero brand.

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on November 10, 2016
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