December 18, 2020

The Christmas tree branding

Christmas is just around the corner and many of us are going out to buy their Christmas tree and decorate it beautifully. As we do every year. In our culture this is an important tradition and has been for a long time. But have you ever wondered why we value it so much? I mean, technically it’s just a tree and without decorations it never becomes more than that.

Why we decorate a fir tree at Christmas has a story that most of us will not know anymore. However, the Christmas tree has become a central element at Christmas time. I remember well how it was when I was a child. My brother and I had to go to sleep after lunch, while my mother decorated the tree. It seemed to be an important ritual for her – somehow Christmas found its way into our home during that moment and it morphed our living room into something unique and coated it with the ambience of Christmas. I have seen countless Christmas trees since then and somehow it’s still the tree from back then that feels like “the right one” today.

I guess it’s about now that you’re starting to wonder why a marketing and communications agency is talking about Christmas trees. We’re getting to that now. Today the decorated fir tree is omnipresent during Christmas time. It stands for family, love and contemplation. But without the decorations and the symbolism it’s only a tree like many others out there in the woods. Let me compare those trees with the identity of brands. Most trees even with their decorations are exchangeable.

interchangeable Christmas trees

Especially retail stores just put up their trees with the most boring decor you can imagine: electric candles, red and blue Christmas tree balls. Yes, this is a nice decor but it does not stick. Unique Christmas trees that are decorated and staged with care can amaze you. I could imagine projecting a tree onto a building or simply making the light blink in a devout pattern or why not add some decent sound to it. You can also find different Christmas tree balls – like ones made from glass that reflect the light mystically. There are endless possibilities to create uniqueness but in reality there is almost no creativity.

When it comes to brands it is the same. Most brands miss uniqueness. They are made of a logo, a color scheme and a message. Without the understanding of their origin and their sophisticated storytelling it’s only forms, colors and a few words. Brands that connect with their audience have deepened the understanding of their brand personality and it appears that those brands just are like my Christmas tree souvenirs from my childhood – they feel to be the true brands.

At Enigma we have a method to create a brand in depth. And we promise that your brand will become a Christmas tree that people will remember or a brand that connects with your audience.

This article has been posted by Martin Kuenzi
on December 18, 2020
in #Branding
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