June 14, 2019

The Fall of Lovebrands and the Rise of Superhero Brands

Everywhere in the world, big corporations are being challenged by smaller, younger players. We call them Superhero brands. And they are super strong.

A long time ago, the world was a lot simpler. And such was marketing. For a brand to succeed, all you needed was money. A lot of money. To broadcast ads. Lots of ads. And consumers would end up buying after being repeatedly exposed to monolithic messages.

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This favored the emergence of large corporations and groups. They operated corporate brands and Lovebrands, big brands organized around blunt messages and consensual values.

And then the world began to change. The World Wide Web. Google. Social media. Mobile. And the cloud. It’s not a corporate world anymore.

It’s a human world now

In this new world, people know about marketing and advertising. They’re fed up. They want authenticity, conversations, and great service. And they want it as individuals.

Today’s brands have a human face. They’re built around a strong purpose and they don’t try to hide a poor product or service behind advertising. They strive to offer a great experience.

We call these brands Superhero brands.

There are new heroes in town

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Why Superhero Branding? Because we have identified 9 traits this new generation of brands share with Superheroes:

  1. Superpower

  2. Symbol

  3. Mask

  4. Super Villain

  5. Personal cause

  6. Sidekick

  7. Mutual Benefit

  8. Breaking the rules

  9. Act, don’t talk

Superhero brands will not be afraid to empower their users because they know it will bring mutual benefit to both sides.

Superhero brands have a strong cause to fight for and it’s intimately linked to the personal story of their founders.

Superhero brands will not brag around, they will let their actions do the talking.

These are only a few examples of what makes a Superhero brand.

Learn how to evolve your brand into a superhero

Are you ready to discover your superpowers? Eager to fight for a cause? Don’t just sit here, learn more about the Superhero Branding methodology.

This article has been posted by Olivier Kennedy
on June 14, 2019
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