Transversal branding

Beyond Management

Enigma Strategy & Branding developed a new branding for its client Beyond Management: matching website, logo and business cards based on the principle called “transversal branding”.


For this project, the main goal was to present an abstract concept in a concrete and clear manner. The combination of physical and mental structures should be recognizable on the new website and on the logo as a concrete unique selling point (USP). The logo should reflect Beyond Management’s core idea: Putting the human being to the center.


The basic idea of combining the physical and mental structures in a concrete manner was not only expressed in the layout and in the text content of the website but also in the logo. From 150 different prototypes, Enigma chose an animated logo that illustrates the interaction of mental and physical structures. While the old logo focused on the physical, the new logo brings the human being to the center, as symbolized by the growing circle.

Creation of a new logo
150 logo ideas
Creation of a new logo

For the structure, layout, color scheme, and font size of the website, Enigma followed the Fibonacci sequence: The proportions are those that people perceive naturally, however unconsciously. In addition, real photographs were selected to represent clear structures and natural objects. The responsive design is another convincing feature of the website.

Beyond Management 041
Website on desktop, tablet and Mobile Version
Fibonacci Formula
Colours used
typography used

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