Disruptive innovation explained with a branding


Enigma imagined a name and a branding for a new popup store concept and created the storytelling around it.


Our client – a specialist in winter garden and pergolas – disrupted the idea of popup stores. Instead of having to build up a complex stand the innovation is glass boxes carried on trailers. The boxes are fabricated out of shipping containers but only as the skelletton. The walls and ceiling are done with transparent glass that at the same time serves as photovoltaic electricity production source. It allows fully autark electric powered popup stores – be it in places where there is no power available or even in the desert. The boxes are constructed highly flexible and therefore easily adjustable to any imaginable mobile business model. Enigma was asked to develop a branding and a storytelling to attract potential customer’s attraction.


Because of the high commitment that drove the innovation process at the client, Enigma suggested a self explanatory naming: “Passion in a Box”. It is at the same time the storytelling that fits with every potential user. The sales team only has to explain that they developed the box where the passion fits in.

The branding links passion with innovation. By having the 3D form of the box illustrated by simple dots the branding allows to show various forms of logos. This generative identity could even users have their own logo telling the story of their passion.

The selected typeface with a mechanical character expresses innovation and therefore underscores the aspect of a breakthrough product.
The color of the branding is intense. Neon orange to set a mark and represent passion, black and white that not compromises clarity.


An innovative product is explained with the simple story of “Passion in a box” a unique color scheme applied in a generative identity provides the simple understanding of a disruptively innovative product that will soon be launched in a traditional market.


Strategy Martin Künzi
Campaign Management Patrizia Lamprecht
Design Strategy Daniele Catalanotto