Mock up of FGP digital banners

Driving Success: A Digital Campaign for Luxury Real Estate


FGP Swiss & Alps is a Swiss luxury real estate company that was struggling with brand awareness and leads. Their goal was to increase awareness among potential customers and improve the company’s performance.


Our client, FGP Swiss & Alps, was facing several challenges in their luxury real estate business. Due to its recent launch as a brand and a lack of leads, FGP’s goal was to increase awareness and business performance. Our objective was to develop an effective digital campaign that would increase brand awareness and generate qualified leads for FGP Swiss & Alps. We worked closely with FGP team to understand their very competitive market and target audience in order to design a campaign that would effectively achieve their goals.

Digital Banner Mockup


We created a digital campaign that included banner ads and SEO work. The first step was to create a banner concept for the company’s website that highlighted their offering. Furthermore, we then created several banner sets to be displayed on various relevant websites. To help them grow organically in the search results, an SEO strategy was put in place as well.


Our digital campaign succeeded by generating over 5 million impressions in one year. In addition, the campaign was able to generate nearly 418 leads during the same period, which had a significant impact on the company’s performance. With the SEO work, they had 5 times more keywords indexed by Google and their visibility increased by 6%

Our digital campaign and SEO strategy helped FGP Swiss & Alps build brand awareness and achieve its corporate awareness and performance goals. The impactful banner ads and optimized landing page helped the company reach a wider audience and generate new leads. Our collaboration with the client was crucial in developing a strategy that met the company’s needs.

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