Event marketing for GEWA


Enigma developed an online event marketing concept for GEWA’s open day event. The concept was successfully implemented using Facebook advertising and Google remarketing ads.


The GEWA Foundation is a social enterprise with the goal of integrating people who are particularly challenged due to psychological reasons. On June 18 2016, GEWA offered a look behind the scenes and invited interested people to their open day event. Enigma took part in marketing this event with online advertising.


The goal was to make people aware of this event. An online concept was developed, which was based on the Facebook and Google platforms. Facebook and Google remarketing ads were targeted to the desired customer segment. Facebook advertisements brought interested parties to the GEWA website; Google remarketing attracted customers already interested and thus achieved an efficient handling of the budget.

A/B Testing

Various display types were initially tested, and a constant control helped to find out those ads that the target group most responsively showed. These display types were selected and used afterwards. Different subjects – brand, invitation, individual approach and icons  ̶  were continuously tested and optimized for their effectiveness.

GEWA facebookads V32114
GEWA facebookads V321
GEWA facebookads V32128

The campaign accompanied GEWA’s offline communication for a month.

Google Remarketing

The Google remarketing campaign had over one million views and 1,576 website clicks.

Google Large leaderboard 970 x 90
Google Banner 468 x 60


The campaign adequately supplemented GEWA’s offline communication. Thanks to an interesting media mix, the event was highly visible. The GEWA registered around 3,000 visitors for this day.

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