Facebook Advertising

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Facebook Advertising

Enigma's successful strategy applied to Facebook Ads

Facebook is the new Main Street, but better. Picture yourself a place where 2.2 billion people are hanging out. The best part? You can show your ad in a selective way, using advanced targeting features that Don Draper would dream about.

Facebook is the largest social media platform ever built. People spend time there to get news, advice, stories about the people and the brands they love. Using Facebook Ads helps your company connect with your targets on a personal level. And achieve your business and reputation goals.

And when you do it with carefully-crafted, tailored content, it doesn’t even feel like advertising!

What’s more, Facebook Advertising is a great complement to Google Ads campaigns.

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Facebook Advertising

How we achieve optimal results with Facebook Ads

Success with Facebook Advertising relies on our deep expertise in data-driven marketing, storytelling and community management. We leverage sociographic insights, big data and neuromarketing tactics to reach and trigger the interest of your audience.

It’s not only about designing, setting up and launching a Facebook campaign. Our work also involves continuous analysis and optimization of the results. Therefore we can keep a high return on your campaign budget over long periods of time.

Facebook Advertising

Our Facebook Advertising Services


Facebook Advertising Strategies

Advertising isn’t only about sparking interest. So we design a strategic plan so that every component of the campaign work together to drive the action you’re expecting your target to take: subscribing, downloading, following, or buying.

Content & Campaign Creation

Our team crafts original, creative content combining image, text and video to create a compelling experience for your audience. We leverage these skills to set up highly effective Facebook Advertising campaigns.

Facebook Ads

We help you reach any target you care about, be it your biggest fans or newcomers. We do this by running ads across the whole Facebook universe, including their website, mobile app and Messenger products.

Instagram Ads

The fastest growing social media, Instagram is quickly becoming one of the most relevant platforms for your brand. We’ve already helped dozens of other brands take advantage of it. Maybe yours will be next?

Facebook Network

Facebook is integrated into an endless ocean of apps and websites. We can help you navigate it and connect to your audience beyond just Facebook. So you can deliver your messages wherever your audience is.

Continuous Analysis and Reporting

For any digital action, a launch is only the start. We keep analyzing results and any available data to inform continuous, real-time optimization. We also deliver reports so you can hold us accountable of the actual results of your campaign.
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We can help you reach your advertising objectives ? Just drop us a line to get in touch. We're looking forward to exploring new territories with you.
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We can help you reach your advertising objectives ? Just drop us a line to get in touch. We're looking forward to exploring new territories with you.

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Facebook Advertising
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