Example of research work for the creation of a systemic identity.


As part of a research work for Nestlé we explored the possibility of creating a systemic identity for nest museum in Vevey.


A systemic identity has been imagined so that each visitor can get a glimpse of its own relationship with Nestlé.

Thus, the logo is always constructed from three different elements, symbolizing at the same time:

  • Nestlé’s legacy (the form)

  • a product (the satellite)

  • the relationship / story that each one develops with the brand (the trajectory)

There are two families of forms, which are derived from the architecture of the museum:

  • industrial shapes, generally convex

• organic forms, inspired by “food vision”, futuristic part of the museum


This project has not been implemented but we wanted to share the work of coding a dynamic logo.

Construction logo
Sketch logo
Construction logo
Zones de sécurité logo
Construction logo
Couleurs logo
Formes logo
Formes et couleurs logo
Formes logo
Présentation logos
Logo nest
Papeterie avec logo
Cahiers avec logo
Tee-shirt avec logo
Sac avec logo
Mug avec logo
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