Exhibition appearance with shocking element

icp - Institution for Christian Psychology, Therapy and Pedagogics

With an unconventional and provocative approach, Enigma designed an impressive exhibition booth. The mix of aesthetics and tragedy attracted the visitors of the Explo 17 and generated a lot of positive feedback.


icp, the higher technical school for social education, commissioned Enigma to develop a concept for their exhibition booth at the Explo 17. The challenge was to highlight and attract attention to a single booth, helping visitors through the jungle of competing booths.


The Enigma team started with a broad set of ideas on how to generate the desired attention. Through the design, giveaways and the experience itself, opportunities were generated to create a booth that would not be forgotten easily. Visitors were to be left with a memorable experience. In addition, the topic of Christian psychology, therapy and education should be included.

Underlying the booth concept, there was to be a wonderful panoramic view that was to be unique and refreshing on the premises of an exhibition hall. The result was an observation deck that revealed an overwhelming panoramic photo with a view of an impressive mountain landscape on the walls of the exhibition booth. The seating opportunities within the booth were staged as park benches, which invited visitors to linger. The observation deck at the end of the booth was bordered by a handrail. While looking straight ahead across the wide planes of the valley, visitors were presented with the statement “Everybody deserves a perspective in life”. The view from above looking down into the depths made for a queasy feeling. Below there was a depiction of a human who had plunged into the depths – no hope, no perspective. The question “Could you have given him some perspective?”, aimed to be thought-provoking, pointed out icp’s educational themes.


This unconventional concept attracted the attention of Explo 17 visitors and icp became a topic of conversation. In addition, an important message was conveyed: Life isn’t all beer and skittles. There are people who see no future in their lives and who instead of seeing the beautiful panorama from the observation deck, only see their last resort looking downwards. From the wonderful view of the Alps to the merciless sight of death – a concept with a shocking element that will be remembered for a long time to come.


Campaign Management Nicolas Gabl
Media Production Timothée Mägli