Facebook Community Development

Graphics of the number of people interacting with the community

Enigma, communication agency, was in charge of mobilizing the CCIG Facebook community and attracting new fans.


The Geneva Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services (CCGI) is an association that comprises over 2000 businesses of all sizes and from all industries, their CEOs, and professional organizations. In early 2013, they asked Enigma to strengthen its online presence, particularly on Facebook, so as to better inform the general public about issues pertaining to the economy.


Two challenges had to be met: to create a Facebook community and to help everyone understand easily complex issues pertaining to fiscal matters. Enigma chose a two-pronged approach. The first goal was to bring together as many Facebook fans as possible thanks to a uniquely created CCIG look and feel: cover, templates for posts, and targeted advertising were made according to the corporate line.

At the same time, Enigma developed computer graphics that echo and explain a new brochure about complex fiscal matters and expenses in Geneva. Through three different stories, CCIG shared its perspective and opinion to a large audience. The stories of the League of Cantons, The Bottomless Pit of Debt, and The Fortified Castle stimulated the new Facebook community.


Prior to Enigma’s work, CCIG’s Facebook page had fewer than 300 fans and only two people talked about it. In less than three weeks, the page acquired over 2,000 fans. The successful impact of the computer graphics was measurable, since fans were engaged in various ways: they shared the page, commented on it and liked it. This computer graphics continue to be used since they are visible on CCIG’s Pinterest account.

Defining the strategy to interact with the community
Graphics elaboration
Brainstorming for stimulating the community
Example of infographics to get inspiration
Before/After CCIG's Facebook page
Display of pictures on Facebook
Display of the Abyssal debt on Facebook
Display of the Canton League on Facebook
Abyssal debt infographics
Canton League infographics
Castle Quest infographics


Strategy Olivier Kennedy
Campaign Management Laurène Weguener
Design Strategy Vincent Ghilione