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Bärtschi Optik

Enigma was pleased to be able to continue to accompany the renowned eyewear store Bärtschi in terms of communication. In early 2017, a strategy was developed which was implemented in the form of various Facebook and Google campaigns and had a focus on CTAs (calls to action).


At Bärtschi, the personal experience of the customer is always the first priority. You don’t just buy glasses from Bärtschi, you receive an extensive consultation, and during your visit, you are spoiled with tea, coffee or seasonal culinary delights. This personal – even friendly – relationship between the vendors and the visitor is an experience that distinguishes Bärtschi and that should also be experienced online. On the one hand, this project was about drawing attention to Bärtschi, and on the other, it was about bringing people into the shop. In addition, the aim was to keep the freshly created website attractive, as well as generate new contacts.



Bärtschi – simply personal

From the message point of view, the focus was on the employees and their know-how. The feeling of being consulted by a good friend and thus receiving an authentic recommendation is the key to success.

persönlich Copy

Innovative Facebook Ads

This year, Enigma again tested a broad range of Facebook Ads. Sunglasses and special events were advertised selectively in the corresponding period, while the general ads were divided into two phases.

In spring, awareness ads were used to draw attention to Bärtschi. The simple message was: “Hallo zäme”. Under the topic “Simply personal – in the words of Bärtschi employees”, ads with different quotations from the Bärtschi team were designed and continuously optimized.

In autumn, the ads spread the topic of “trusting your friends” and focused more on bringing people into the store – using the very Bernese Swiss German “Chömet ine”. Thus, the local and personal aspects of Bärtschi were underlined.

While the picture language of the visuals was adapted to the brand, Enigma developed innovative approaches in other areas to guarantee the attractiveness of the ads. Therefore some ads were created in Bernese Swiss German. Other ads were animated to create additional attention without being annoying. The latter was achieved by adapting the animation to the context.

ipad bärtschi
Workpace mockup template

First-time Google Display Advertising

At the same time as the Facebook campaigns, ads were placed in the Google Display Network. A/B testing on Facebook enabled Enigma to measure the success of the visuals and identify, as well as use, the most successful ones.

overview google 2
google imac
ipads bärtschi google

Bärtschi Events

The effective remarketing technique was used to make website users aware of upcoming events at Bärtschi Optik. Enigma also created the web entries (pictures and text) for the adventure events, the sunglasses auction, the Oktoberfest and the new horn collection.

Mock up 1 multi device case studies 1

Merging of online and offline

The online world has become real life. With this as a matter of course, the online activities were designed and set up. Bärtschi takes place in the shop and with the customers, not in the impersonal world of the Internet…


The constant promotion of the Bärtschi brand ensured regular visits to the website and, in addition, interest in the business. The visual style and the story of the Bärtschi experience were consolidated and remained present to visitors throughout the year.

With targeted and optimized online marketing, the website’s traffic could be increased to 8000 relevant users and over 80% new visitors could be attracted to the website.

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