GIL Website


Enigma Strategy & Branding has used its know-how in order to adapt a website’s template to the GIL’s community expectations.


Recommend to the liberal Jewish community of Geneva a modern website that would allow the community to be close to its members and to communicate its actions to them.


The needs of the liberal Jewish community of Geneva were very clear, the challenge lay in the idea that an association must respect the members who fund it. Thus, Enigma developed the community website by adapting an existing model and developing the necessary modules in order to meet the community’s needs and goals.

Brainstorm about the website
User story Workshop spinoffs
Brainstorm about the website wireframe
website wireframes drafts
Display of GIL website on desktop and laptop
Display of the website on tablet and mobile


Strategy Olivier Kennedy
Campaign Management Emilie Lassausaie
Development Vincent Ghilione