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CISA is a network of around 50 Christian institutions in the field of social work. In order to leverage the combined strength of these institutions through CISA, Enigma was asked to develop a HR communication strategy that would help give prospective jobseekers or those looking for a suitable study field an understanding of possible career developments.

CISA Case Study Statement EN
CISA Case Study Strategy simplified EN


As part of an analysis, a survey was conducted among the various institutions to find out which HR measures had been more or less successful in the past and to understand what problems they faced. Based on this evaluation and an in-depth understanding of the HR recruitment process, a communication strategy was developed in which various elements were combined to form a whole.

The heart of the strategy is the landing page, which focuses on the “big-why” and first answers the question of why applicants should opt for a position within the CISA network: “Because Christian institutions need people that can move mountains.” With this claim, a clear connection to Bible verses is made for those familiar with the Bible. Anyone who does not want to interpret it biblically is challenged to make a difference in his or her work routine on a small or large scale. The design elements of the landing page and all the other communication measures take up the symbolism of the mountains and thus tell a consistent story. All institutions present themselves on the joint landing page with a short description and a video or a quote from an employee or student. This should provide an initial insight into the institution at eye level. Through specific calls to action it is possible to directly access the respective positions on the website of the institutions.

As often is the case in the Christian environment, financial resources are limited. The communication strategy was therefore set up very stringently. The landing page was set up to be Google-friendly and thanks to versatile links and SEO optimized texts, it could be advertised at any given time. Furthermore – and this becomes evident through the analysis – it is taken into account that employees or students are often most effective in influencing people in their immediate environment and convincing them about a job or a study field. In order to promote these ambassador voices, flyers were created in the same design as the website, which take up the main message of the website and contain the link to it.

Innovative and provocative, the institutions are encouraged to link to on their own institutional website, bringing visitors the jobs of the other institutions a click closer, true to the commandment “love your neighbor” and in the sense of a service for jobseekers.

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With, CISA has its own small job platform that leads applicants to the positions of the institutions. By distributing the flyers to the most important ambassadors (its own employees and students, communities and organizations), attention is given to Christian jobs in social work. The required link with all participating institutions leads to search engine-optimized findability. In terms of content, the strategy has set itself the goal of developing a “big why” that will stimulate potentially interested parties to think about their professional future in a Christian institution and thus play a central role in the decision-making process. With this initiative, CISA is setting an example in pooling resources and strengthens the network as well as the understanding of why faithful Christians should engage in social work.

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