Infohub: A tool for open communication

Salvation Army

Enigma was asked by the Salvation Army to build a custom tool that would simplify both the editorial process and the publication of content.


The Enigma team wanted to develop an online application that creates an optimized workflow for the organization’s editorial team.


A tool for the redactors 

This tool allows redactors to easily ask for validation of their articles, receive comments from the chief editor and ensure that all information needed is available. The tool allows the Salvation Army’s redactors to publish articles, documents and photographs.

A tool for journalists

Enigma developed an API for the tool so that the content of the Infohub can be transferred to other platforms. On the corporate website, the API is used to display the latest press releases in the press section.

A tool for the local workers

Through the infohub, local workers now have a centralized platform where they can find materials that they can reuse for their communication or marketing.

A tool for the public

To facilitate transparency, the Infohub tool has been made available to the public. Any visitor can search through the articles, images and documents. For visitors particularly interested in a specific topic, an email notification system is available. This system notifies the user when a new article has been added in a category of interest.

A tool for the future

By creating a tool based on open standards, the tool can be further developed by creating specific modules. These modules or widgets can be implemented directly in the web app or into another website by using the API.


The Infohub simplifies information management within the Salvation Army. It’s a public, open, and transparent information platform that helps build the public’s trust. A month after its launch, the tool already contains 200 articles and 41 files.


Strategy Martin Künzi
Campaign Management Patrizia Lamprecht
Design Strategy Daniele Catalanotto
Development David Mignot