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The early childhood and education sector is not exempt from thinking about behavioral change and reducing environmental impact. It is more relevant than ever to convey eco-responsible values to the youngest citizens and their parents.

pop e poppa daycares offer an environment that is in keeping with the humanist tradition. The company has chosen to stand out and commit to the “eco-friendly” label to convey these values through 4 axes: pedagogical, educational, logistical and energy.


To support this desire to stand out and meet the need for an effective marketing campaign, pop e poppa entrusted Enigma with the creation of a global communication concept and a new website. It was essential that this new platform could be easily updated by the marketing team and not only by computer engineers.

For young parents, taking steps to have a child taken care of by others is an emotionally powerful and even a stressful experience. It was therefore essential to make this process as easy and enjoyable as possible. The new site had to meet the following objective: to make navigation intuitive, interactive and responsive.

Today, we are proud to have been able to help pop e poppa achieve this goal: on the website you can now find general information or a daycare in the area you are looking for, and then applying for a daycare space for your child can be done in just a few clicks.

In order to position itself and stand out in the nursery market, pop e poppa mandated Enigma to rethink the entire communication concept.

As mentioned above, the insufficient flexibility of the website prevented the marketing team from making simple modifications. Nor was it possible to launch a successful and consistent campaign. The website was therefore naturally integrated as a sub-project into this mission.



The different stages

As a preamble, a “User Story” workshop was conducted with two groups, a German-speaking and a French-speaking one. The objective of these “user stories” was to note possible differences in behaviour or expectations between the two groups, in terms of navigation. To the surprise of both the client and Enigma, there were none, which allowed us to go ahead with the concept.

The next step was to define a wireframe, a kind of architectural plan for the website, which the design team could use as a basis for imagining a global visual universe. pop e poppa was proposed 3 different concepts, ranging from a rather conservative theme to a more “original” global look.


Agile method for the development phase

Once the overall visual concept has been chosen, it’s time for development. For this step, Enigma opted for an agile method. This means that the developer, the user designer and the designer had access to the same design file and could work in direct interaction. This is a big advantage because the developer doesn’t have to wait for the final concept to launch the coding phase and overall, the development process is much more elegant, fast and fluid.

As a reminder, we had to allow the website to generate marketing campaigns while managing a database of customer registrations. We decided to integrate HubSpot, a powerful CRM. This marketing tool allows both to generate traffic and to manage campaigns. Programming an API finally solved the issue of synchronizing the two data sources: the registration file and the marketing database.

Last step before going online. It was about integrating the contents and fixing bugs. We performed these two tasks simultaneously, which ensured that the content was well integrated into the defined design and vice versa. Due to the large amount of content – the website is trilingual German, French and Italian – it was organized in packages (sprints), i.e. once a section in one language was finished, it was switched to another language.



Concretely, the design of the new website now online brings a real added value. The navigation is easy and intuitive, and its content is airy. The menu is clear and allows young parents, even those who are sleep-deprived, to find all the information they want. It also makes work much easier for the marketing team and communication is more efficient.

In addition to the positive effects mentioned above, the new website is responsive, so the bounce rate from mobile devices has decreased by about 30%. As a result of all these improvements to the website, the number of new leads per month increased by 141% between July and October 2020, that’s within only 3 months.

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