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Enigma, advertising agency, has been requested by a lawyers’ organization to make them stand out, mainly by improving their online presence.


Indemnis was created by lawyers who work in different practices and different regions of Switzerland. As personal injury lawyers, they represent those who have suffered from an illness, an accident or any other incident that made them lose income, be incapacitated or incur significant medical expenses. Indemnis protects patients, victims and insured people against insurance companies and employers. In order to establish their visibility on the internet, Indemnis’ lawyers asked Enigma to increase and improve their online presence.


The challenge was to create online tools carrying a sensitive message. Enigma created a responsive website, and completely thought over both content and layout.

The corporate identity is simple, using gray and red, with a maze pattern in the background – a metaphor of what victims go through. The site wants to be close to people and present a human dimension thanks to the pictures of individuals who tell their stories. Each profile represents a different experience for which Indemnis’ skills were needed. The main challenge was to distinguish Indemnis from other personal injury law firm and insurance company websites, and not to add drama to the already difficult situations that the victims face. We had to find the right tone – neither cold and factual nor too emotional.

Enigma raised Indemnis’ online presence and visibility by using the new corporate identity on web banners and launching a Google Ads campaign. Most targets were victims and their families, as well as doctors. We didn’t use display networks but we used banners for remarketing purposes; only those users who had previously visited the site saw these banners, as a friendly reminder that Indemnis exists if need be.

Website wireframe elaboration
Working material elaboration
Visualization of the website's material
Website display on desktop and laptop
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