Quick wins motivate and prototypes expedite business development

Valser Service

Enigma Strategy & Branding carried out a collaborative workshop with Valser Service to explore and discuss a set of innovative marketing measures and divide those ideas into quick wins and prototypes.


Valser Service is a beverage delivery service that belongs to Coca-Cola. Valser Service asked Enigma for assistance in finding innovative marketing measures for the coming years.


Collaborative workshop

During a workshop with the sales area managers and the company’s marketing department, the business model, customer journey and a wide range of possible measures were discussed and evaluated.

Following the workshop, Enigma condensed, rephrased and illustrated these. “Quick win” ideas could then be implemented immediately, as budget and implementation costs were low. Other ideas were transformed into prototypes to be implemented in a further step as and when appropriate.


The workshop and the prototypes stimulated a debate on further development of the services and have already achieved a direct effect through the implementation of the quick wins.


Strategy & Campaign Management Martin Künzi
Design Strategy Daniele Catalanotto