Rebranding AI House Davos: A Hub for AI Enthusiasts

AI House

Discover how our innovative branding solutions transformed AI House Davos into a premier destination for AI professionals during the World Economic Forum, fostering significant B2B connections and enhancing global conversations on artificial intelligence.

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Facing the challenge of launching a completely new brand, AI House Davos aimed to establish itself as a dynamic hub for AI discussions at the World Economic Forum. The initiative sought to reflect its vision of advancing AI development and facilitating impactful discussions through a compelling and recognizable branding presence.


Our team meticulously developed the branding from scratch, which included creating a distinct website design concept, an animated logo, video intros and outros, a comprehensive style guide, and branded giveaways such as beanies and bags. We also designed both the interior and exterior branding concepts to ensure consistency across all physical and digital touchpoints. Although the final website implementation was handled by the client, our foundational designs set the stage for their impactful online presence.

Website 02 scaled
Logo scaled
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The new branding was immediately implemented, significantly enhancing AI House Davos’s visibility and professional appeal. The project not only fostered new B2B connections but also increased the brand’s prominence at the World Economic Forum. Notably, the branding process, completed in just four iterations, was provided pro bono, showcasing our commitment to supporting the global advancement of AI.

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