Securi360: A Game-Changing Solution for Enhanced Safety and Efficiency


Securitas, the Swiss leader in the security industry, launched Securi360, a revolutionary new product that was unknown to the general public. They called on our agency to create a promotional video to publicize their product.

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Our ambition was to create an engaging and compelling video that would highlight the Securi360 service and its benefits. For Securitas, the goal was to engage future prospects and generate demand for the product. We wanted to create a video that would be easy for potential customers to understand and that would pique their curiosity. 

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We created a video showcasing the various benefits of Securi360. This solution is intended for building owners, for example, to help them in the definition of safety/security concepts for goods and people. 

The video shows the anticipation of emergency interventions or rapid interventions to avoid negative consequences, such as loss of the premises. We also included information on the financial, operational, regulatory and qualitative constraints for an optimal exploitation of the infrastructures. 

We worked closely with the client to ensure that the video effectively reflected the essence and benefits of Securi360.

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This project resulted in an engaging video for Securitas, showcasing the benefits of Securi360 and its assistance in defining safety and security concepts for building owners. The video effectively generated interest and demand by highlighting the prevention of negative consequences and including essential considerations, thus serving as a powerful tool for engaging prospects and driving its success.

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