Smart Marketing Conference 2014 Bern and Zurich

Martin Künzi speaking at the Smart Marketing Conference

Enigma Strategy & Branding opened a location in Bern. This opening was celebrated with the Smart Marketing Conference 2014 which also strengthened the new presence.


Enigma Strategy & Branding opened a second office in Bern. To celebrate the opening and to strengthen the new presence in the German part of Switzerland, Enigma organized the Smart Marketing Conference 2014 accessible for professionals and people interested in marketing.


The evening – consisting of three presentations – was very instructive and gripping. Topics such as inexorably digitalization, maximal individualization, new technologies und the rapid social change were analysed during the conference.

Dr. Joël Luc Cachelin, CEO at the Wissensfabrik und author, reported about the digitalization and its counter trend. Impressive examples gave an insight into technological opportunities of the presence and the future. Is the society getting more and more digital or is there a counter trend?

Olivier Schwarz, eBusiness Manager at Victorinox Swiss Army Watches, reported about the launching event of the new I.N.O.X. watch. Victorinox organized an innovative blogger event in New York, where they did live testings with the extremely robust watch. For example, the watch was submerged into a washing machine, boiled in a kettle and overrun by a fire engine – without getting any damage. As Olivier Schwarz hold his presentation in English, Enigma tested for the first time an innovative simultaneous translation tool. Interpreters from abroad translated the presentation simultaneously and the audience could patch in via an App.

The last presentation was hold by Martin Künzi, COO at Enigma. He was focusing on the American dream of a brand, or in other words on the “dishwasher to millionaire story”. Martin Künzi detected universally accepted errors in marketing and proposed innovative and creative solutions.

Following the presentation there was conducted a lively panel discussion. Thus the attendees could directly interact with the speakers. Interesting topics were taken up and open questions were clarified.

Q & A session at the Smart Marketing Conference 2014

The agency Enigma adopted the so-called „Transversal Branding“ to choose and design its communication measures. Thereby the top priority is the perfect harmony of the strategy and the design. The topic Smart Marketing was also used in the way of communication: Enigma Strategy & Branding developed a smart Twitter app, which evaluates conversations on Twitter regarding to the dialogue (@) und context (#). The ones who use Twitter in a „smart“ way, obtain a full circle. Furthermore one can compare the own results with those from Barack Obama or Lady Gaga. Thus it is a playful, individual and innovative concept.


The concept of the Twitter app containing circles was further developed and transferred on the design of the billboard, flyer, newsletter and blogpost. This strategy allowed not only to create a recognition value but also to implement Transversal Branding.

Name tags at the event
Give Away presents at the event
Flyer of the event


The feedbacks after the event were very positive. Enigma persuaded by various beneficial tools and could successfully position itself as a innovative and client-orientated communications agency in the German part of Switzerland.

Guests taking pictures of the slides


Strategy Martin Künzi
Campaign Management Patrizia Lamprecht, Anina Christen
Design Strategy Daniele Catalanotto