Snapshots of the image


GEWA, a foundation for job-related integration, commissioned Enigma with the creation and visualization of a new concept, to replace their image brochure.


Enigma was asked to create an innovative concept for an image brochure that is understandable and emotional. The uniqueness of GEWA and the broad target group were to be the focal point. The result had to work both for patients, their personal environment and their contact persons, as well GEWA’s commercial customers. It also had to be practical and easy to adapt.


In multiple creative sessions, the Enigma team created various ideas and prototypes in order to find out which were the best for meeting the requirements of the mandate. Thanks to an interdisciplinary design, strategy and campaign management team, a concept emerged, which despite its uniqueness was surprising with regard to its feasibility.

In the new concept, a Polaroid camera presents GEWA to interested people. For this reason, a box designed as camera containing GEWA’s services as Polaroids was visualized. A design proposal and matching text structure was also created for these. A picture on the front side of the card shows a service in an emotional way, while more information about the service or a personal GEWA story can be found on the reverse. The intro card serves as an instruction manual and explains the concept to the reader.


In reminiscence of a past open-house project “Journey through GEWA” the camera takes people on a trip in which GEWA is presented. A mixture of objectiveness and emotionality explains GEWA’s social responsibility in an innovative way.

Enigma created the concept, while GEWA implemented it using their own resources.


Strategy Martin Künzi
Campaign Manager Nicolas Gabl
Design Strategy Daniele Catalanotto