A startup steals the strategy

Prime Computer

Prime Computer, a Swiss startup, has developed a new generation of PCs. The Swiss company goes for passively cooled PCs in a compact format and therefore overcomes the disadvantages of conventional hardware. Furthermore, the PCs are convincing through their design and a minimal consumption of energy. Prime Computer asked Enigma to create a strategy for the market launch of these PCs.


Both a strategy and resources for development were needed. In this area of conflict, Prime Computer asked Enigma for support in creating a strategy. While the startup had already made headlines, a clear direction was important in order to strategically scale the growth. The market of Prime and its products is highly competitive, which is why uniqueness and efficiency took center stage.


In the strategy phase, Enigma systematically formed the core of the brand personality. This included Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle, the value proposition, and storytelling different to that of Prime’s competitors. Together with an analysis of the industry and an exploration of useful communication possibilities, we had a basis for actions to be implemented and the visual design.

For a fair in Dubai, Enigma designed a landing page and other communication tools that provided business clients with initial information about the products. Because of the passive cooling of the computers, the visual concept leaned towards glaciers. This inspiration was also supported through the computer’s form. Not for no reason does the storytelling relate the tale of “Inspired by glaciers”.

A flyer as large as a PC

In order to give fair visitors the possibility of comparing the size of the Prime PC with that of a conventional one in their workplace, a flyer as large as the real PC was printed. It stood out through its minimal design.

Emotional landingpage

Videos of glaciers and clear messages bring a highly emotional, high-quality component to the technological product. Icons, images, and clear text guide interested people in a logical hierarchy through the website and help them with the purchase of a Prime Computer.


With this work, Enigma has given high quality to a startup and created a clear communication profile. The agile way of work matched with the eventful startup phase in which Prime Computer was.


Strategy Martin Künzi
Campaign Management Patrizia Lamprecht
Design Strategy Daniele Catalanotto