Sudaka – Redefining Culinary Experience through Strategic Branding


Sudaka, a visionary Latin American Izakaya in Zurich, joined forces with Enigma to forge its brand identity anew, igniting a culinary revolution.


Sudaka’s ambition was crystal clear: to pioneer a revolutionary culinary journey, transcending norms and becoming the forefront of Zurich’s gastronomic scene. Their aim was to attract an audience hungry for immersive dining experiences, propelling Sudaka to prominence as a leader in the Swiss market.

“Sudaka” was chosen to honor Latin American heritage, evoking a sense of cultural identity and pride. The term reflects a reclaiming of identity, symbolizing resilience and diversity among its patrons.

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Enigma embarked on a meticulous journey to create Sudaka’s brand identity, beginning with a comprehensive Creative Footprint workshop—a specialized methodology developed by Enigma to define brand positioning. Through this workshop, Enigma facilitated deep discussions and immersive exercises, allowing Sudaka to articulate its vision and aspirations clearly. Leveraging neuromarketing triggers such as rebellion and mystique, Enigma carefully crafted a brand identity that authentically encapsulated Sudaka’s essence, ensuring alignment with its core values and unique offerings.

The visual universe was curated to reflect Sudaka’s fusion of Latin American and Japanese influences, incorporating the dominant blue color scheme while infusing elements of creativity and adventure. The concept of “The Hatch” emerged as a symbol of Sudaka’s identity, representing a secret realm accessible only under the cover of night, where guests could escape the ordinary and embrace the unexpected.

Case Studie SUDAKA exterior interior scaled

The branding proposal emphasized the nighttime experience, with Sudaka envisioned as an enigmatic haven illuminated by blue UV light. Enigma proposed innovative ideas such as unveiling the logo through UV spotlighting and using UV ink for the menu, adding layers of intrigue and inviting guests to engage with their senses while exploring Sudaka’s culinary offerings.

Enigma designed Sudaka’s logo with dynamic handwriting, reflecting the brand’s lively personality and the artistic aspect of cooking. Inspired by Latin American flavors and the social experience of dining, the logo exudes energy and spice. Made from shirashi sauce, it honors Sudaka’s culinary heritage and adventurous spirit, creating a unique and memorable symbol.

sudaka logo written in sauce
Case Studie SUDAKA2
iPhone digital mockup of sudaka branding
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Case Studie SUDAKA matchbox menu scaled


The collaboration between Sudaka and Enigma yielded a powerful brand identity, characterized by its mystique and rebellion, making it irresistibly attractive. Beyond just creating a brand, Enigma provided specialized consulting on how to effectively apply the brand concept within the restaurant, empowering Sudaka to truly own its identity. This immersive brand experience, coupled with cohesive visual elements, not only elevated Sudaka’s credibility but also established it as a sought-after destination for those seeking unforgettable dining experiences.

Through strategic branding, Sudaka invites guests to embark on a culinary adventure unlike any other. The collaboration with Enigma not only helped Sudaka realize its vision but also solidified its reputation as a pioneering force.

Explore Sudaka, recently opened on April 17th 2024, at Militärstrasse 114, 8004 Zürich — a fusion of Latin American flair and Japanese precision. The ultimate destination for adventurous food enthusiasts. Contact the team at +41 43 243 94 91.

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