Strategic Foresight

Get a grip on your future with a prospective analysis of your market
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Strategic Foresight

How this approach brings you value

The quality of a strategic decision is always based on an evolving context. A prospective analysis of this context is therefore crucial. Strategic Foresight questions and highlights contemporary representations in a holistic and iterative manner. It analyses emerging trends, identifies signs of change – even the faintest ones – and helps craft realistic and plausible scenarios. The goal of Strategic Foresight is to let you evolve along with the context of your business, influence your markets, and identify risks.

Our prospective analyses give your research and marketing teams an opportunity to work with a refined understanding of emerging trends. Enigma’s workshops teach you to explore the services and products of tomorrow so that you can make educated choices today.

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The Strategic Foresight Process

Are you living in someone else’s future or are you creating your own?

Today with the speed and the complexity of change, organizations react and adapt to change very differently. At Enigma, when we work with organizations and help them innovate change we see generally two main forces playing against them. The first one, is the idea of technological determinism. Which is an idea that the main driver of change within a society is technology, it's the idea of progress. And with this belief comes another belief that most problems can be solved by using the right technology. The second force is: speed. Too much change not enough time and because organizations are structured and organized in a way that they thrive in predictable environments large markets of very average consumers that do not necessarily have the right tools to deal with the complexity, and define and address complex problems that they face today. In this context we see four main ways of coping with change or responding to change.
The first one is the ostrich head-in-the-sand denial delusions nothing's going to happen to me I'm safe I don't need to be concerned.
Second one, fire man: not very proactive very reactive and trying to cope with change at the last minute.
Third type the insurer, the insurer working ahead of problems trying to understand where patterns are going trying to make sense of the future, trying to see which problems to avoid what could happen for the organisations
And the fourth type: innovators, explorers, visionaries, they generate change, they create change as Abraham Lincoln said: “the best way to predict the future is to create it yourself”. And that's really what they do.
We usually ask three questions to organizations we work with. How do you address the notion of change in your business? What are the practices or methods of processes to make sense of this change? And finally, are you relying on predictions or is your future wide open?
With lots of different futures available in a lot of space to maneuver strategically.
So at the end of the day, it's really about asking yourself: am I living in my own future or is this someone else future?
Strategic Foresight
Get a grip on your future with a prospective analysis of your market?

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I have been working with [Enigma] on different large operations. Every time, I have been struck by the team’s professionalism in their field, the excellent upstream preparation with a sharp sense of anticipation, the respect of the deadlines, the detailed briefing as well as the client coaching; elements which are essential to me for the success of a common operation.

Christine Urfer
Independent Public Relations and Communications Professional
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Get a grip on your future with a prospective analysis of your market.
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Strategic Foresight
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