May 10, 2019

Enigma presents its first book “The Business Health Check” on the occasion of its 11th anniversary

Why do Olivier and I, who predicted the election of Donald Trump’s based on data from the Internet, write a book? Because we see prejudice in the reading aversion.

The reading aversion describes the prejudice that in the digital age with Youtube, Netflix, and Co. nobody reads anymore. But that’s wrong! This myth is already widespread in the corporate world and misleads managers into believing that everything has to be digital.

This company disease is one of over 60 that we have discovered since our first customer expedition 11 years ago. More and more we recognized recurring patterns and began to examine them. We started to classify diseases according to their prevalence, risk groups, contagion risks, and underlying causes and derived the healing therapies from the collected findings. All this information is now exclusively available to you in our book the “Business Health Check”. The book is intended to serve as a reference book for managers and executives to navigate companies healthily through the 21st century.

Would you like to find out how healthy your company is? Get your copy and start the healing process right away!


This week, in our offices in Geneva and Bern, we presented our book and celebrated the 11th anniversary of Enigma. Let us share with you the most beautiful moments captured. 

Explorers of new territories for 11 years

Over 1000 projects and 11 years later, Enigma is now a company that looks for winning strategies as a remedy and fights against causes rather than symptoms. Our crew is experts in their field. Business model thinking, service design, strategic design, and digital and classical communication are cleverly used to find the antidote to stagnating or declining business developments and to break up innovation-resistant cultures.

We are a team of discoverers and adventurers who are ready to explore new territories for our clients. We are ready to leave solid ground. You know, to become exceptional, you have to leave the beaten track.

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on May 10, 2019
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