October 8, 2017

How storytelling fits in our modern tools

Storytelling is one of the building blocks of modern marketing. This is clear for all. But storytelling can do more than that. At Enigma, we believe Storytelling is a building block also for innovation. We believe we can leverage Storytelling in most of the tools and frameworks we use. In this post, we will show how Storytelling fits in the tools of the 21st century.

Storytelling and The Marketing Map

marketing map demo

The Marketing Map is a model we use to think through Marketing Campaigns. The Marketing Map gives an overview of what needs to be settled before you get your hands on implementation.

In this model developed by the Enigma, Team Storytelling is the bull’s eye. It is located in the center, both metaphorically and practically. Good storytelling creates the link between all other building blocks. All the goals, offered value, marketing actions and the success metrics depend on the Storytelling. Storytelling can help define and explain the value offered to the consumer. If you can’t translate the value proposition in a compelling story, then the chances of failure are higher.

Storytelling and The Business Model Canvas

The business model canvas A1 Enigma TOOL 160607

The Business Model Canvas is a tool to help companies define their Business Model. It is a creation by researcher and author Alex Osterwalder. This tool allows to map out complex Business Models in one simple framework of only 9 building blocks.

Once a Business Model Canvas is fully mapped out, we can use it as a base to generate storytelling ideas. The area where storytelling is most useful is the upper right part of the canvas. There are 4 building blocks interesting for Storytelling there:

  • The value proposition

  • The customer relationships

  • The customer segments

  • The channels used for communication and/or delivery.

buisness model canvas and storytelling

By using these blocks you know exactly what is the promised land. This promised land is what you want the story listener to dream about (the value proposition). With the customer segments block, you are able to research what is the culture of your clients. You know how you want your storytelling to be felt by the story listener by using the Customer relationships block. And finally, you know where you will feature your story (channels). All these information help you improve your storytelling.

For us, the Business Model Canvas has here a special value. Since it’s a strategic and management tool, it’s used by managers and C-level. If your strategic storytelling is based on it, it will be easier to get the management on board because it will be seen as a shared tool.

Storytelling and the Creative Footprint

Branding Iceberg Enigma TOOL

The Creative Footprint is a decision tool developed by Enigma. It helps align both the strategic and design phases. A Creative Footprint is used as a guide and a framework for the strategy and the brand positioning. It makes it easier to brief the various business units and the company’s suppliers. It also helps align resources with the brand architecture. How does this tool inform your Storytelling?

Well, Storytelling is actually a building block of the Creative Footprint framework. But it doesn’t stop there. Storytellers can use other buildings blocks from the Creative Footprint for their Storytelling.

The Why defines the deep motivation of the brand. This will give a sense of purpose to your storytelling.

The promise shows the special strength of the brand. It’s the points on which the brand refuses to trespass. It defines the points where the brand will never compromise. This helps create a stronger personality in your Storytelling.

The Archetype is the unconscious and universal personality of the brand. This point again helps create a stronger personality in your Storytelling.

The Neuromarketing Triggers define how you get the audience’s attention. Will your storytelling be a bit mystical and hide some information? Will you build a storytelling based on a notion of power? This part of the Creative Footprint defines the tone of voice for your Storytelling.

Storytelling and Politics

Enigma Political Territory designed a methodology to win elections and polls. In this framework, Storytelling is part of the tools that create impact.

In the Strategy phase, Storytelling defines a version zero of the arguments. This version zero of the arguments will then be enhanced through Storytelling methods. This makes it possible to create variations of the same story. Later on, these variations will be fine-tuned through A/B testing.

With this tool, we help political parties define what story helps them get votes. This method also allows to create variations of the same story. In the end, we customize the Storytelling for each state or city as needed. It makes people vote right, because the story fits their specific language and culture.

Storytelling is everywhere

Storytelling is an old tool that goes back to the walls of the ancients caverns. It’s deeply embedded in human history and human brains. That’s why the tools of the 21st century also need to have Storytelling as one of their building blocks.

How can Storytelling help you today?

Our team of specialists is happy to start a conversation with you. We will help you see the potential of storytelling for your business, product or service. Start a live chat conversation in the live chat bubble on the bottom right corner of your screen.

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