July 31, 2019

A website is more than briefing and coding [free retroplanning to download]

A website is way more than just putting an idea into code. There are a lot of steps to go through. Think of the way you process an idea of a project, your brain will categorize automatically the different steps to access to your goal. It’s the same for a website. Several processes are needed to give you the best results. What are these steps? How long does it take from scratch to an amazing website? In this article, we answer these fundamental questions. (Read also: How to build a successful website in Switzerland)

If you are looking for a free retroplanning that cover all the phase between the kick-off and the “go live” of your next website, we have you covered. Feel free to download it now!


I want a website

Good! Being on the internet is a must nowadays. Knowing you need a website is a very important first step. It’s important you don’t rush the process. A well-thought website will bring you great results, while a poorly made one will only bring you headache and hurt your wallet. There are 3 phases in creating an outstanding website:

The strategic phase

Why exactly do you need a website? Many make the mistake to start with what THEY want. Don’t make it about yourself. Start by focusing on the client. Who is your ideal client? What does she hope to achieve when she visits your website? The most effective way to define your ideal client is by creating a buyer persona.

Once you’ve mapped out your persona, think what kind of website would solve her need:

  • DIY: Self-made with an online page builder

  • Business card: professional, information-based website

  • Experience: professional, experience-based website

  • Growth-driven: professional, specifically constructed for lead generation


Read a detailed article about the different types of websites and what their upsides and downsides are.

Defining what type of website you need will allow you to know what type of technologies you need, the budget you need to have and who you have to hire. Choose wisely.

Visualization phase

Here we are, your idea is clear. What’s next? Obviously, deciding how it will look! Adding your visual universe is one thing but making it efficient is another. Good user experience is key to an effective website. Making it look pretty is clearly not enough. Necessary, but not enough.

How will it behave? How do you interact with it? These are the questions you should ask yourself before even thinking about coding. Otherwise, it’s like going on a jungle trip without a map. If you like extreme adventures it’s nice, but your website isn’t an adventure. It’s a strategy!

As I just said, this phase is not only about design but about understanding the architecture. You wouldn’t let an interior designer decorate your house before showing you any sketches, right? Well, it’s the same for your website.

First, you need to build wireframes, the skeleton of your website. Then you have to design a mockup to see how the website will look and feel like. If you do it the right way, you can even make the mockup interactive and visualize the user experience. Once the mockups are ready, you need a pixel-perfect version of them for the coders.

Coding phase

Once your plan and design are done and clear comes the coding. The implementation of all the features, API, Pixel, Google Analytics and other tracking codes, every tool you need to make it efficient.

After debugging, you still need to find a domain name and register it. Then you need to structure all the architecture and all the technical steps to put your plan into shape. Don’t forget the redirection tabs from your old structure to the new if needed! The coding phase is also where the coders add animation to your website.

And finally…

Usually, people think that it’s the end of the process. But don’t forget the content!

Your web site is not static, you will need to take care of it, updates, security, news policies, hosting and domain name renewal.

You can even take it a step further and start positioning you as an authority and expert in your field. Publish high-value content to your readers to show them you really know what you’re talking about. With a blog, you can start harnessing the incredible power of inbound marketing!

Time to create your website now!
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