Boost online sales of a store

Graine de Shopping

A return on ad spend of 5 - and given the performance, it quickly became 6.8!

(Quickly) optimize e-commerce

With the closure of non-essential shops due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the trade in physical stores has experienced an unprecedented fall and accelerated the process of digitalization. Already operating on the web, “Graine de Shopping”, a boutique of artisanal designers, wanted to fully seize this digital wave to optimize its sales.

Rethinking the e-commerce platform and communication channels

First and foremost, Enigma’s strategists made Graine de Shopping’s online sales site, built with Shopify, effective in terms of user experience, SEO and performance. Secondly, it was about reaching new customers to boost sales. To do this, Enigma combined creative concepts with a mix of digital media. A custom programmatic campaign targeted women interested in jewelry and looking for gifts. Additionally, an SMA (Social Media Marketing) campaign was deployed, mainly on Pinterest, to take advantage of the possibilities of a mostly female network.

Website Graine de shopping

More traffic, more new customers, more sales!

+ 60% in sales in 4 months (compared to the previous year)
ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) of 6.8
Nearly 55% of new customers
Increase of traffic on the site: between 40% and 100% depending on the month


UX Design Mathieu Cailleaud