Jérémy Busset

Project Manager
Have you tried clearing your cache?
We’re gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.

After graduating from the IMAC engineering school where he studied art and science, Jérémy joined a Parisian post-production studio which opened the doors to the wonderful world of communication agencies. Well coached, he acquired project manager skills that would quickly become his main job. Settled in the Geneva region for 6 years to enjoy the Alpine panoramas (but not only), he provides services to numerous clients, both multinationals and local SMEs, from the banking and food-processing sectors to the automobile and jewellery industries. He finally adds a new string to his bow by exploring Enigma’s digital marketing strategy.

In his spare time, he tries to capture the present moment with his Reflex before it’s too late, to pick up a Jimmy Page riff without too many false notes, or to fight against sleep by contemplating Nicolas Winding’s Refn latest work.