Guerrilla marketing – Bus shelters

Parti Libéral de Genève

Enigma Strategy & Branding used its creativity to generate a guerrilla marketing campaign about housing for the Parti Libéral de Genève.


The goal was to energize the debate about housing and to generate an online discussion on this topic, using an untraditional communication: guerrilla marketing.


For a day, Enigma transformed four bus shelters into apartment rooms—a student room, a bathroom, a child’s room and a dining room. Between 4 and 6 in the morning, we coordinated a team of party members who created each necessary set.


2 television reports.
3 newspaper articles.
On, 112 comments within one day. The largest audience ever on the campaign’s website.
MOST OF ALL: an animated and ongoing debate for three weeks.

bus shelter imagined as a student's bedroom
people are decorating the bus shelter
people decorating the bus shelter
people decorating the bus shelter
A bus shelter decorated as a child's bedroom
A TV channel is interviewing a member of the party
A TV channel is filming the bus shelters


Strategy Olivier Kennedy
Campaign Manager Loriane Henrioud
Art Director Pascal Wicht